Wednesday, September 21, 2005


As an early birthday present, bwb and b. took me to the Natural Science Museum to see the CSI:Insects exhibit. I had seen advertisements for it and had really wanted to go. I love all things relating to forensic science, bugs are no exception. What B. did not tell me was that they were having a guest speaker. Professor M. Lee Goff, one of the leading forensic entomologists in the world, and also the man on whom the character Gil Grissom on CSI was based, was speaking. Oh how exciting.

The exhibit itself was really interesting, they showed how bugs help to solve crime and even had some hands on exhibits to mess around with. At two we headed to the auditorium to see Prof. Goff speak. He is an engaging and humorous speaker. It was a fascinating presentation.

I learned several things:

1. If you die in your house and noone finds you, it might be better to have a cat than a dog. A cat won't wait very long to eat you and he'll start with your face. If you have a dog, he'll wait until he's really hungry though and he will start with your groin. Maybe it's best to be found.

2. Bugs on cocaine progress faster through developmental stages, and you can tell what drugs a person was one by testing the bugs that are eating him.

3. Prof. Goff really let a pig decompose in his backyard to see how long it took for bugs to get into a wrapped body. CSI had Grissom do the same thing. Pretty cool, eh?

4. Chocolate covered mealworms taste an awful lot like Kit Kat bars. B. purchased some for me at the museum and M.R. and I had them for a snack one day at work. I don't think I'm going to start buying bugs in bulk to snack on, but they aren't bad.

A very cool birthday trip, indeed!


At 10:22 PM, Blogger Lisa said...

Happy belated birthday and stuff, and OMG what a cool outing, I'm so jealous!!!

But... um... from your description, I'm not exactly sure why having a cat would be BETTER... sheesh. That would tend to make me afraid to sleep in too long on the weekends, lol!


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