Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Friday Five on Sunday!

I didn't like this week's Friday Five, so I picked one from another week I hadn't done.

1. What foods did you eat growing up that you later found out were regional items? (specific brands or recipes that you thought everyone could buy or make)

Because my Dad is from the South (as well as he was in the Navy and traveled a lot) and my Mom is from the North , we ate a hodge podge of regional items. We moved a lot, so when I was little living in Hawaii we ate sushi and Chinese food, in the Pacific Northwest we ate a lot of salmon and clam chowder, in Connecticut we ate a lot of lobster. I always knew that grits and liver mush were from the South, however.

2. Ham or turkey at Christmas and Easter? Or was there some other main course not typical for your area or religion?

Turkey, please...I'm not the biggest fan of ham. Although the biggest tradition at Christmas is my Dad's traditional Christmas breafast. It's a high fat and heavenly combination of eggs, bacon, cheese, and a white sauce, served over biscuits. We are only allowed to have this one day a year, because it is certainly a recipe for a heart attack.

3. What was your favorite meal served at your elementary school?

I lived in Connecticut for most of elementary school, and we did not have a school cafeteria. In other schools in later years, I think my favorite was the nasty cafeteria pizza. It was square.

4. What family recipes have been handed down to you, and have you tweaked any of them a little bit to make them more yours?

Too many to count. I change every recipe a little bit. I'm not too good at following directions, and everyone's tastes are a little different.

5. Are there foods/recipes you wouldn't eat as a child that you now regularly enjoy?

Some that come to mind: vinegar, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, salsa, falafel, italian dressing, or salad dressing of any kind, wine, wings (well I'll still only eat Tish's), and steak.


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