Monday, May 22, 2006

My Roommate Rocks...

I am used to cooking for other people. I have done it a lot. I am very good at it. However, sometimes it is awesome to have someone (especially someone who can really cook) else make dinner.

This is one reason why my roommate, b. rocks. Tonite when I came home from work, she made us shrimp and grits for dinner to eat while we watched the season finale of 24. It was delicious. I am very fat and happy now. My roommate, she rocks.

This was the second time I've ever had shrimp and grits. Being half-Yankee, I've kind of avoided them (grits) my whole life. I thought they were gross. It was then pointed out that I love polenta, so wtf? Finally, at the Red Hat Holiday party last year, I gave in. I'm so glad I did.

She also makes better spinach dip than me. Even though I use the exact same recipe, her's always tastes the best. Sigh.

Ok, just needed to share that. Now I'm going to go return to my carb-induced fog.


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